Final determination of induction is made by the demographically balanced selection committee, whose composition is overseen by the Board of Directors. The Selection Committee is supplemented by our advisory council of academic consultants. Full consideration for Induction is given not only to the basic demographic categories of race/ethnicity, gender, orientation and gender identification, but also to Fields of Contribution and Nations of Origin. All candidate classes identified by the Selection Committee are approved by the TLP Board, which has the ultimate responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the exhibit over the years. Plaque sponsors choose from the approved list of Candidates For Induction which results from the selection process.


Kūkai Statue


Japan | Gay Buddhist Monk who invented the Japanese language
Margaret Mead Headshot

Margaret Mead

U.S. | Influential Anthropologist Studied Child-Rearing Across Cultures
Pearl Hart Headshot

Pearl Hart

Visionary Civil Rights Attorney for Gay Men and Immigrants