Scalable Displays

In addition to being able to rent "The Legacy Wall" for extended stays across the State of Illinois and around the country, the Legacy Project offers smaller "Community Displays". These exhibits are ideal as added features for Education Seminars; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs for your employees; church-based displays; or as an interesting, crowd-attracting feature for your organization's next event reception. Legacy's Community Displays are scalable to the size space available and can be leased for up to seven (7) days in your location*. The rental fee is based on a sliding scale, depending on whether or not the inquiry comes from a corporate/commercial or non-profit/education-focused a entity. See the gallery below for sample images of different-sized displays.


*Subject to availability, longer periods may be available


Throughout the year there are a number of opportunities to help out the Legacy Project. Depending on the time you have to give, and the skills you would like to share, you can do anything from helping to support a special event all the way to working on administrative functions involving research and writing that could qualify as internships. Download our Volunteer Form and tell us about yourself!