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Father Mychal Judge - The Saint of 9/11

Fr. Mychal Judge was a beloved gay Franciscan priest who served as Chaplain to the New York Fire Department assigned to Engine 1-Ladder 24, whose firehouse was across the street from the friary where he lived. Among the first-responders to the site of the World Trade Center terrorist bombing on September 11, 2001, Fr. Judge was killed by falling debris after administering the Last Rites to a dying firefighter. For his heroism and dedication to the FDNY Fr. Mychal Judge was given the solemn honor of being designated Victim 0001 – the first recorded casualty of 9/11. Nicknamed “Saint Mychal,” he remains an inspiration to many, especially New York firefighters and LGBT Roman Catholics worldwide. Click HERE to see Fr. Judge’s Legacy page for education tools/information and research links.

Illinois's LGBTQ- Inclusive Curriculum is LIVE!!
The 2020/21 School Year has Arrived! The Legacy Project, in conjunction with our partners at Illinois Safe Schools Alliance, Public Health Institute of Metropolitan Chicago, and Equality Illinois, has launched a new Search Portal to help teachers create a classroom experience which meets the requirements of Illinois's new Inclusive Curriculum Law. We have analyzed the Illinois School Code and developed a complex matrix to plot out how everything we offer can be seamlessly incorporated into existing curriculum to transform your classroom experience into one which includes the many contributions LGBTQ people have made to the world we share. To stay up-to-date on development news and to learn how you can volunteer your time to help with this effort, please sign-up to receive the ICL Newsletter HERE.

Two Informative Videos Highlighting LGBTQ History and Curriculum Inclusion

Legacy Project Education Initiative (LPEI)

The Legacy Project Education Initiative (LPEI) is part of a comprehensive strategy to address the despair that can sometimes grip LGBTQ youth, many of whom live in isolation, without historically significant role models. It has been internationally recognized as a powerful tool to combat anti-LGBTQ bullying in our schools by directly confronting the ignorance that makes it possible. These age appropriate resources - lesson plans, study guides, question banks, and multimedia - are now part of Illinois's LGBTQ-Inlcusive Curriculum.