Legacy Project Board of Directors
Ralph Kennedy

RALPH KENNEDY, Board President | Vice President of Compensation, BMO Harris Bank: Ralph is widely respected among the bank's international leadership and is instrumental in maximizing our relationships in the banking sector. His patience and humor have helped build a collegial atmosphere that has aided Legacy Board cohesion, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Kit Welch

KIT WELCH, Board Vice President | Real Estate Broker, Baird & Warner: As a real estate professional Kit's skillset is a welcome addition to our board as we prepare to establish a permanent physical space for the Legacy Project. Her service on East Lakeview Neighbors Association board of directors complements Legacy's close relationship with the Northalsted Business Alliance at a time when we are expanding the Legacy Walk's our role as a tourist destination.

Steve Kenney's Headshot

STEVE KENNEY, Board Treasurer | Director of Capital Markets and Accounting Advisory Services, PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP: Having lived in many cities, among many cultures, Steve’s passion and appreciation for the Legacy Project’s mission is complemented by his willingness to share his accounting, finance, and fundraising skills. He is an invaluable part of Legacy’s financial planning and management.

Jeff Haurykiewicz

JEFF HAURYKIEWICZ, Board Secretary | Senior Manager/Financial Planning & Analysis, TTX Company: Jeff brings his passion for planning and logistics to the Legacy Project Board of Directors. New to working with non-profits and serving on community boards, he has been instrumental in helping to advance our organization's corporate outreach and is always among the first to volunteer his time for our special events.

Dr. Gabriel Gomez

DR. GABRIEL GOMEZ, Co-Director Legacy Project Education Initiative (LPEI) | Professor, Chicago State University: Gabriel's fascinating background – from founding member of ACT-Up/Chicago and Queer Nation during the 1990s – the most turbulent era in LGBTQ history – to full professor today – has sharpened his awareness of history and its importance for our young people.

Sunette Thompson

SUNETTE THOMPSON | Account Manager, Perspectives, LTD: Sunette's business acumen and insights into organizational psychology and community dynamics are already having an impact on the Legacy Project - both internally and externally.

Paul Highfield

PAUL HIGHFIELD | Regional Manager, Levi Strauss &Co, In-Store Marketing: Having directly or indirectly sponsored 25% of the Legacy Walk's plaques, Paul’s knowledge of corporate- and community-based philanthropy and crowdsourcing has made him a vital resource to the Legacy Project’s fundraising goals.

Matthew Hartz

MATTHEW HARTZ | Managing Director-Senior Program Manager Commercial Credit, CIBC Bank: While Matthew's business acumen has helped shape the Legacy Project board's approach to informed and responsible mission expansion, his great work ethic and infectious sense of humor make working with him a pleasure.

David Horton

DAVID HORTON | Account Executive, Uber Freight: David's software proficiency, communications skills, and connections in the entertainment industry have opened doors to both new markets to tap for support and to talent to assist with building-out the Legacy Project's digital assets.

Andrew Hayes

ANDREW HAYES | Director of Marketing and Communications, World Business Chicago: Andrew's extensive background in public relations, marketing, and event planning is helping to ramp-up the Legacy Project's public profile and special events offerings to take advantage of our emerging national presence.

Eric Wagner

ERIC WAGNER, President & CEO, Visit Oak Park: Eric’s considerable leadership experience in both the tourism industry and related state agency management will have far-reaching impact on the Legacy Project’s brand awareness. As part of the successful team which brought unprecedented national and international visibility to Chicago’s and Illinois’s LGBTQ tourist attractions, his guidance will finally give the Legacy Walk Historic Streetscape the high-profile visibility it needs to capitalize on growing interest in LGBTQ History.

Renauda Riddle

RENAUDA RIDDLE | Revenue Auditor for the State of Illinois: Renauda's many years of experience in fiscal management and accounting has empowered her to re-invent the Legacy Project's financial tracking and projections to better manage donors. His insights continue shaping our priorities and financial planning.

David Martin

DAVID MARTIN | Manager, Global Diversity & Inclusion, Gallagher Insurance: David's work in diversity, equity, and inclusion is perfectly aligned with the Legacy Project's international and multicultural focus. Furthermore, his extensive professional acumen and contacts help to boost the Legacy Project's reputation among corporate donors.

Suhail Tariq's Headshot

SUHAIL TARIQ | Sales Operations Supervisor (K-12 Education Segment), CDW, Inc.: Suhail’s far-reaching national and international business operations and sales experience, combined with his interest in education and his commitment as an ally to the LGBTQ community, gives him a unique perspective on the importance of messaging and outreach beyond the Legacy Project’s established constituency. His perspective brings highly valuable insights to the work of our education committee.

Owen Keehnen's Headshot

OWEN KEEHNEN, Legacy Project Co-Founder, Board Trustee, and Active Board Member: Community historian, author and activist Owen Keehnen is rightly beloved by hundreds of friends and fans. In his role as chief biographer for the Legacy Project, Owen has produced hundreds of fascinating treatments of LGBTQ people – both famous and obscure – which continue to propel our evolution through multiple program platforms in service of our mission. His research and writing continue to broaden the content of our nominee database; and his passion for archiving is invaluable to the behind-the-scenes work being done to sort through the artifact collections we are curating for future exhibits.

Legacy Project Board Trustees
Lori Cannon

LORI CANNON, Legacy Project Co-Founder and Board Trustee: Community icon Lori Cannon has been helping our community – and inspiring others to do the same – for over 30 years. With hundreds of vital connections and unmatched integrity, her contributions to the Legacy Project have proved invaluable and game-changing. Though she no longer actively serves on the board, she continues to offer advice and direct powerful interest’s attention to our mission.

Dr. Gerri Spinella

DR. GERRI SPINELLA, Co-Director of the Legacy Project Education Initiative and Board Trustee: Gerri has worked tirelessly since 2013 to lay the foundation for our education program. LPEI has grown steadily year after year because Gerri wrote dozens of biographical lesson plans using James Banks’s multicultural education tools. Today each lesson plan – which is actually four lesson plans tailored for different age groups – serves as a model for those which are still created according to her template.

Legacy Project Staff
Victor Salvo

VICTOR SALVO | Creator, Co-Founder, and Executive Director: Victor is the originator of the Legacy Project. He brings 40 years experience as both an LGBT activist and a business owner to his work overseeing the biographical research, intellectual content generation, structural design and engineering, fundraising, and operations management of the Legacy Project's various physical installations and policy initiatives. He was inducted into Chicago's LGBT Hall of Fame in 1998.

Scott Lundius

SCOTT LUNDIUS | Director of Strategic Planning: Scott brings over 30 years of experience working in support of several arts, music, education, and community non-profits. He specializes in organizational analysis, planning, facilitation, management, and developing programs designed to meet mission goals with the fewest resources possible. Scott’s patience and vision have had an invaluable impact on expanding the Legacy Project’s philanthropic footprint and raising its profile.

Carrie Maxwell

CARRIE MAXWELL | Executive Administrative Assistant, Webmaster, and Senior Biographical Researcher: Carrie brings many years of experience in professional journalism at CNN (Atlanta) and locally to the Legacy Project. Additionally, she spent several years as a classroom teacher in the Chicago Public School system. Combined with an uncanny grasp of fine detail, these experiences have given Carrie a keen sense of "what people need to know" that informs everything she does. Her professional writing skills, tireless research efforts, and patient website development and management have transformed the Legacy Project.

Jenniphre Zias

JENNIPHRE ZIAS | Legacy Wall Installation Coordinator: Jenniphre regularly takes time off from her corporate presentation work at Alterna Graphics to manage installations of "The Legacy Wall" on its travels around the country. Since 2015 Jenniphre has worked on over 30 site-builds for this one-of-a-kind traveling installation featuring digitally interactive content from the Legacy Project database. Her steady reliability and steadfast commitment have enabled the Legacy Project to plan out Legacy Wall installations up to 18 months in advance.