The goal of THE LEGACY PROJECT is to shine a light on people who have been overlooked (or outright redacted) by historians or, in some cases, to impart new information that brings historic figures long known into focus, in a way that our textbooks never did. This movement to illuminate the duskier corners of our past has fueled much of the drive toward reclaiming LGBTQ contributions to shared history over the last 40 years. But unlike traditional scholarship, whose tomes can only be found on library shelves if one knows to look for them, THE LEGACY PROJECT places this information on a freely accessible urban thoroughfare - "THE LEGACY WALK" - or on our traveling installation "THE LEGACY WALL" - where the contributions - the lives- of these individuals might be known, in some cases, for the first time to the general public.

The sample Nominee Biographies featured on THE LEGACY PROJECT website represent current nominees under consideration. (Please note: THE LEGACY PROJECT accepts only posthumous nominations.) They have come to us from a variety of individuals as well as through our own ongoing research.  Each nominee has passed a minimum threshold of academic probity, sufficient to allow their inclusion here for you to peruse. These biographies have been assembled from multiple published sources and Internet databases, but are extremely paraphrased and abridged. They have been formatted to evoke the wording that might go on a bronze tributes - but are not necessarily the exact text that will be used if an individual is selected for induction for THE LEGACY WALK. Where necessary, the texts will be amended to further their accuracy - a process that will be ongoing up until the plaques are fabricated.   Finalized texts for THE LEGACY WALK Inductees have been independently academically vetted as shown on the page for that inductee.

Because LGBTQ historical contributions are often obscured or incomplete, there may simply not be enough compelling evidence for some nominees at the time selections are made to support their candidacy for THE LEGACY WALK. Given that research into LGBTQ history is on-going we will retain individual nominations in our database in the event new scholarship produces new evidence, thus meriting another look. Final determination of induction is made by the demographically balanced SELECTION COMMITTEE, whose composition is overseen by the Board of Directors. The Selection Committee is supplemented by our advisory council of ACADEMIC CONSULTANTS. Full consideration for Induction is given not only to the basic demographic categories of race/ethnicity, gender, orientation and gender identification, but also to Fields of Contribution and Nations of Origin. All candidate classes identified by the Selection Committee are approved by the TLP Board, which has the ultimate responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the exhibit over the years.  Plaque sponsors choose from the approved list of CANDIDATES FOR INDUCTION which results from the selection process.  Private individuals, groups of friends, organizations or businesses are all welcome to become sponsors.  To sponsor a plaque click HERE or call 312-608-1198.

To volunteer, or if you have any questions about our process, suggestions, recommendations - or especially if you have discovered what you think may be an inaccuracy - please contact us at To make a tax-deductible donation to support our efforts please click on the link on every page.

All Legacy Walk inductions take place each year around on October 11th  - "National Coming-Out Day."  Legacy Project Nominations are always accepted.