A Guided Tour of the Legacy Walk in Progress

The Legacy Project can arrange for your group to take a private tour of the Legacy Walk.  The tour combines anecdotal information about our Inductees not available on the plaques, with the fascinating story behind the creation of the world's largest LGBTQ-focused Historic Landmark.

General Parameters for Private Guided Tours
COVID Precautions

  • ADULTS: $35 (per person)
  • COLLEGE STUDENTS: $20 (with ID)
  • SENIORS: $10 (65+)
  • HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS AND CHILDREN: FREE (Must be accompanied by a paying adult)

Minimum (4) Participants / Maximum (15)*

*Temporarily limited due to COVID Precautions

For an extra cost tours can be coordinated to include meals, cocktails, wine and cheese tastings and/or neighborhood shopping when COVID restriction permit.

Please call 312-608-1198 to make arrangements or fill out the form below. Alternatively, you can fill out our PDF form and return it to us.

Your Information
Pick A Day of the Week
Are you envisioning a weekend outing or something midweek? We do tours 7 days a week, beginning as early as 10a, or ending with a dusk tour that must begin no later than 6p. What day(s) are you considering? (Please check all that apply)
Pick Your Preferred Time of Day:
Is your group able to meet during the day or must your outing take place late afternoon/evening?

Available Time Window

How much time will your group have to engage in a tour? The Legacy Walk, altogether, is one mile long and features 40 bronze memorials. It can take upwards to 4 hours to do a complete tour without any breaks. Generally, most working adults cannot afford that much of a time commitment so we offer you the option of selecting just the plaques you wish to see. (Please review the attached map. We can also do a “Greatest Hits Tour” if you would prefer.) Tours can include a pre-arranged dinner or lunch, coupled with a post-tour coffee or cocktails, depending on the time of day you come.
Meet at Center on Halsted for a Legacy overview, followed by a viewing of 4-6 bronze memorials; stop for a cocktail, followed by a viewing of 4-6 bronze memorials; stop for a cocktail, followed by viewing 2-4 bronze memorials, capped by hors d' oeuvres or dinner at a local restaurant. [Total elapsed time about 3-3.5 hrs.] (Please select your ideal tour duration plus additional activity)
Weekend Tour Duration & Additional Activity
NOTE: You can mix any of these scenarios up and add more plaques or see fewer to increase or decrease the length of engagement. You can eliminate the refreshments entirely and just add more plaques. You can request that we select the plaques for you based on a particular subject such as "Social Justice", or “The Arts”. It depends on your group's interests, how much time you can devote, and whether you sense this will be a more academically-focused engagement solely or something people will be drawn to as a social activity that is both educational and fun.
Pricing for Adults
Pricing for adults is $30 per person (min-max 4-25 people) for the tour alone. Students always tour for free with one comp’d adult advisor. Additional advisors are $30pp. The addition of coffee, cocktails, and/or meals are all extra but can be pre-purchased and pre-paid through a surcharge, on top of the basic tour charge, that will vary based on what type of engagement you select (i.e. the number of bars and/or the type of restaurant, etc.). We are very flexible so please feel free to craft the kind of gathering you feel your group would enjoy most! Please select a Billing Type from the options below.
If you would like us to forward physical brochures for you to distribute in advance, to help people understand what the Legacy Walk is, just let us know and we’ll drop them in the mail. You can also download a map to make your individual choices by clicking HERE. We look forward to assisting you with planning a memorable outing. Thank you for your interest!