THE PLAQUES featured on The Legacy Walk are 1/2" thick by 18" wide by 24" tall and were cast from solid bronze for the Legacy Project by our friends at Impact Signs in LaGrange, IL.  Each features an "image cast" relief portrait and a paragraph with a condensed biography of an individual.  Plaques which celebrate Historic Milestones will feature an extended story about an occurrence or occasion of substantial change or import that marked a turning point in history, significant in the way it affected the lives of LGBT people or was promulgated by a LGBT person or persons. Among the milestones celebrated will be explanations of the significance of "The Pink Triangle," and the fate of gays in the Holocaust during World War II; "The Harlem Renaissance," about the first multi-faceted LGBT urban subculture created by African-Americans in the 1920s; "The American Psychiatric Association Vote," which declared homosexuality was not a mental illness in  1973; and the "Stonewall Riot," which signaled the birth of the modern LGBT Civil Rights Movement in 1969.