PRIDE 2017 is a jam-packed Legacy Weekend!! Stop by our booth at NAVY PIER PRIDE on Saturday starting at NOON, then zip on up to ELIXIR IN ANDERSONVILLE and join us from 4-7 for a fun afternoon of cocktails and a terrific raffle (see below). Many thanks to our host, ELIXIR, which is sharing 50% of its event sales profits.

Raffle tickets are 1 for $5, 3 for $10 and 6 for $20

SuperHero: The Resistance-Market Days After Party at the Aragon Ballroom
Two sets of two tickets | $150 value each set

AIDS Foundation of Chicago 's World of Chocolate
Two tickets | $270 value

Legacy Walk Private Guided Tour for 10
$250 value

The Second City (Any performance)
Two sets of two tickets | $72 value each set

BrunchRemixed:Day Party!
Two tickets | $64 value

Annoyance Theatre & Bar (Any performance)
Two tickets | $50 value

Hell in a Handbag Productions ' The Golden Girls: The Lost Episodes at Mary's Attic
Two tickets | $32 value

Empirical Brewery
$20 Gift Card


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On Sunday the Legacy Project will march in the Pride Parade for the very first time, thanks to the generosity of our newest corporate sponsor WALGREENS.