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is a dynamic outdoor LGBT history exhibit in the "Lakeview" neighborhood of Chicago. Presently, along the half mile of the North Halsted Street Corridor, between Belmont Avenue and Grace Street, ten (10) pairs of 25'-tall decorative "Rainbow Pylons" define the nexus of Chicago's LGBT community. Affixed to the pylons are a series of bronze memorial plaques commemorating the life and work of notable lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender individuals whose achievements have helped shape the world - but whose contributions, sexual orientation or gender identity have been overlooked, minimized or redacted entirely from most historic texts. Mounted below each 18" x 24" bronze memorial is a 4" x 18" dedication plate recognizing the donor(s) whose generosity made that plaque possible. Every year on National Coming-Out Day (October 11th) new plaques are added. Presently there are thirty-five (35) bronze markers on the Legacy Walk - the largest collection of detailed bronze biographical memorials in the world. In all, thirty-seven (37) slots are available for commemoration on the streetscape. Once capacity is reached the oldest plaques will begin to rotate off the Legacy Walk into a Visitors Center which is expected to open in 2017. Collectively the Legacy Walk serves as an "outdoor classroom" for students who participate in the Legacy Project Education Initiative (LPEI) to boost LGBT youth self-esteem and confront the ignorance which fuels anti-Gay bullying.